Tea Tree Oil
and Link to Seizures
I am the editor of our Chicago Scottie club's newsletter, and therefore receive all the Scottie club newsletters from across the USA.  This month in the California Scottie Club's newsletter, their rescue coordinator Carol Herd reported that they have taken into rescue a Scottie who has seizures, whose previous owners said that her seizures had started (a two-day status episode) as a result of using on her coat a tea tree oil spray, made for dogs, to make the coat shinier.  I've seen such products so know they exist.  I know, too, that tea tree oil is put into some dog shampoos.  I wanted to warn everyone of this as a possible seizure trigger.  The Scottie in question is now age 7 and still has seizures, though they are now less frequent. Another name for tea tree oil is melaluca.

I did a quick web search and did find a producer of tea tree oil who lists:
Health Hazards: If taken internally the toxic effects which may be experienced include seizures, coma and respiratory depression.  Rapid adsorption may be expected.

You can see this at:


So I expect if you spray the stuff on your Scottie, and the Scottie licks him/herself, that would constitute "taking internally."

I also found a site claiming it is toxic to cats.  This site, too, mentions seizures in humans associated with tea tree oil: Tea Tree Oil contains upwards of 38% terpinen-4-ol.  Data sheets state that it is harmful if swallowed and, in humans, is an eye, skin and respiratory irritant.  It is a solvent of oil-base products e.g. plastics, rubber, oil based paints etc.  It is absorbed rapidly and toxic effects noted in humans include central nervous system depression, seizures, coma and respiratory depression.

You can see the above at:


I think these products are better avoided.

Laurie, Emma, Sadie, and Teddy in Chicago