POISONOUS MUSHROOMS - a letter from a vet

Dear Clients, 

I hope you and your furry family members are doing well and enjoying the cooler weather. I am writing this not to panic you, but to make you
aware of a potentially deadly problem in your yards.  This is the time of year when mushrooms will  start popping up and most will not cause a problem.  However, I have seen 2 dogs die in the past 2 years after coming in contact with mushrooms from the Amanita family.  Only a few in this family are toxic, but the ones that are will cause rapid liver failure and death.  The dog does not have to ingest the mushroom, only come in contact with it and then lick it's paws.

My suggestion to you is to remove any mushrooms in your yard as often as you  can to avoid any problem.  Two dogs in 2 years is not an
epidemic, but my  hope is not to see any more pets die from this.  Please wear gloves when  dealing with the mushrooms and wash your hands well, as these are toxic to  humans as well. The Internet has a wealth of information on this at...

or I will be happy to try to answer any questions you may have.
As always, we appreciate you and wish you an enjoyable autumn. 


Kim Morey, DVM